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February 10th


Dark Brown


Mahogany and curly



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Tired, worried, confused

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  • My bestie, sister, and bond-person, Danielle

I was born on Febuary 10th in a rural town that not many people have heard of. My life is okay, I guess. I've been...different my whole life. I have been smarter than most, wiser than most, and agressive-er my whole life. I, um...I read the Percy Jackson books when I was in 5th grade, and knew I was a demigod. I never told anyone, though, because all my friends are...yeah..anyway, I found this place a few months later, in the summer. I was claimed by "Henry" over an email, and I believed it. I believed it until I was finding out he was fake. Then, I went from parent, to parent, to parent. Well, I realized a few years ago, I was actually claimed by Aphrodite. Now, I'm not sure who my dad is, but I know he is an immortal, too. I think it's Ares or Poseidon. Yeah..

Okay, so. I am very tempermental. Ask anyone. I'm also violent sometimes. But you guys are lucky my mom is Aphrodite. That side keeps me sane. I'm "emo", "goth", and "girly". I have been told I'm an "old soul" and I've "been here before". I think it means I'm immortal, and I died, but came back. I don't know. Anyway, I'm...nice, sometimes, but I can be mean. So, wanna be my friend? Don't piss me off. Mmkay, thank ya.

I'm also the admin here, so ask me anything, and I'll try to help. Also, if you're unclaimed, me and Danielle will help you. So, uh..enjoy.

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