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Apollo is the god of the sun, prophecies, oracles, archery, bachelors, truth, music, and healing. His Roman part is Apollo. He's twins with Artemis, goddess of hunting, children, maidens, and the moon.

Parents and Siblings

Apollo is a son of Zeus and Leto. His twin is Artemis. Because he is a son of Zeus, he has many, many siblings. But some of the most well known is Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus, who are all his half-siblings and Olympians.


Apollo has some of the MOST children of all the gods, along with Ares. He has multiple affairs with mortals and even Olympians and other gods!


Children of Apollo have sharp eyes perfect for archery, they can usually only speak the truth. They can control light so blind other, or make them invisible.

Immortal Children

Demigod Children

  • Aidan aka Icecream18
  • Marisa, Panc4kes
  • Jamie :O)
  • Samantha Halmai
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