Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, lust, pleasure, and seduction. Her Roman counterpart is Venus.

Siblings and Parents

Aphrodite doesn't exactly have parents. She was made from sea foam and seman of the chopped up Ouronus. She has no siblings.


Aphrodite is married to Hephaestus, god of smithing, but, even though she loves him, his looks repulse her. She has an affair with Ares, god of war. She also has many affiars with mortals, resulting in the same, if not more children then Zues. She can get anyone she wants.


The children of this love goddess have the power of empathy. They can feel the emotions radiating off of other people. They are extremely enticing, and have the greatest abilities of seduction and with the right training assassination. They can also do magic related to love and beauty. Her children are known to speak perfect French and some have the ability to use Charm-speak, which allows them to persuade almost anyone to do what they want. When a daughter of Aphrodite loses her virginity both parties lose memory of the event. The next time only the boy loses their memory. If the girl uses her power of passion the guy will not remember the event.

Immortal Children:

  • Cleo, also daughter of Ares, PoisonedRose
  • Danielle,Also Daughter of Zeus,Foxloverdanielle

Demigod Children:

  • Grace, daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite
  • Calista, daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
  • Angelica, daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
  • Amber, daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
  • Amanda, daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
  • Allison, daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
  • aphrodite kid(Sam), daughter of Aphrodite (father unknown)
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